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Saint John Bosco Prayer Campaign

The office of Youth Ministry of the Diocese of Brownsville is having a prayer service with a first class relic of St. John Bosco. It  is held at one parish in each of the 8 deaneries leading up to the feast day at Our Lady of San Juan del Valle Shrine in San Juan. 

It is amazing! Never have I been so close to a relic, especially a first class. This is when you know you are truly Catholic, when you get excited over a saint :) Seven more days left in the campaign and our Novena.

Day 2 home (:

So, I finally got the opportunity to wake up late!!! Ah, Thank you Jesus.  And I already have my plans for the day :)

  • Get my hair cut at my Mamma’s School
  • Go to Wal-Mart to print out some pictures
  • Wrap some gifts
  • Call parishes to figure out their Christmas Mass….I’m super excited!
  • Unpack
  • Laundry!

Not an ‘on my gosh’ schedule but good enough to keep me busy. I love being home but i I hate the traffic. I think I should get started now… Pax Christi everyone! I hope everyone has a blessed day

Santa María,madre de Dios. Holy Mary,mother of God.

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Just as priests and religious lay prostrate as they make their vows to God, we felt called also to make this act of love during our wedding.

As one of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal C.F.R. chanted the Litany of the Saints, both Cristina and I laid prostrate (Cristina with a little difficulty in her dress!) as we vowed to take on the  cross that we had each previously carried as singles. Lying there defenseless, we both committed our lives and souls to God by entrusting them to our spouse. We committed our dreams and goals and our past and future in sacrifice to one another.


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I want this.

ahhh!!!! i want this sooo baddd!!!!!  

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how fun!

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best believe it.

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I love the sacrament of Confession! Thank you Jesus.

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Check my swag.

i have to get my hands on this hoodie!

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At times I tend to forget how much I love my culture. I’m so proud to be Mexican-American and being Roman Catholic is just an amazing plus :) Thanks to a classmate (who happens to be an ACTS brotha!), I’m getting back to listening to Norteño. Don’t get me wrong I’ve never stop listening to the music but I kind of put it aside and stopped going out to dance! :) I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.